2013 - 2014 & 2008 - 2011

TFX is a system and network integrator, specialising in the education sector. I held the role of Senior Mobile Technician, which would regularly have me servicing up to 30 schools a fortnight across the metro area, with occasional regional travel.

I was in contact with the owner of the business for a social visit a few years after I left, and he requested that I return to my role as Senior Mobile Technician to help him out.

Key duties:

  • Ensure smooth deployment and configuration of hardware and software
  • Supply, configure and install new network hardware
  • Work with the Department of Education for the configuration and installation of new servers
  • Rebuilt a school network in 5 working days working on my own, after the school suffered a major theft of core infrastructure equipment
  • Configure and monitor backups
  • Leading technician on the one to one laptop program and hardware rollout at Warwick Senior High School
  • Deployment of Apple MDM solutions at Warwick Senior High School
  • Creation and distribution of training material / how to documentation for school staff
  • Responsible for own time management and correct lodgement of work dockets for billing

Mrs Mac's Foods


At Mrs Mac's, I was the network administrator on a fill in contract for just under 12 months.

Key notes:

  • Maintenance and installation of new workstations and software packages
  • Troubleshooting of network connectivity to Ovens, Meat Vats, Refrigeration units etc.
  • Support and maintenance of remote sites, including a cold storage facility in Kewdale, offices in Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Christchurch
  • Setup and deployment of new mobile devices (Motorola MC75, Apple iPad and iPhones, laptops)
  • Testing and analysis of new hardware and data logging

City of Stirling

2011 - 2012

At COS, I held the role of Helpdesk Operator. I had stepped away from TFX for personal reasons at this time, and found a role based in one location was more suitable to my needs.

Key notes:

  • On site and external support via inbound/outbound calls and emails, and site visits
  • Setup new mobile phones / iPads and iPhones
  • Liaise with Network Administrators / Telstra / AMCOM for fault resolution
  • Visit external companies for on site support and deployment of new equipment
  • Creation of Technical documentation and how to guides
  • Troubleshoot VoIP systems

EFTel Internet

2004 - 2008

At EFTel, I started as a Helpdesk operator and within 12 months was promoted to the role of Team Leader. During this time, I also assisted the marketing team with research and product testing for devices that were not available in the Australian market at the time. I wrote several articles and EDM blasts, from technical security advise and guides for clients / parents to product reviews and discussion articles which were distributed as part of a monthly newsletter to over 100,000 clients

Key notes:

  • Team management of up to 30 staff Roster creation Recruitment and interviewing Customer dispute resolution Report creation for target analysis KPI management Documentation, procedural creation
  • and implementation
  • Liaising with CEO, GM. 2IC, Marketing and NOC team for product development
  • Cash handling and customer liaising via front desk relief
  • Technical support and fault diagnosing
  • Liaising with Telstra and Optus for fault resolution