But thanks for hanging around!

It's been quiet on the blog front recently, and I must apologise for that! When I started this up, it was to showcase my photography and to rekindle the spark I had for writing blog articles and reviews.

As it always does, life decided to make other plans. I've been through some changes at work, and nearly hit a burnt out wall in the process. Taking on too much responsibility, in a disorganised fashion, wore me down quite rapidly. It wasn't just the change at work that got me to near breaking point, but it certainly has been a major factor.

I've been making some changes, both in my work life and personal life. Not as drastic as it sounds, it's all positive, but with everything going on (full time demanding job, kids, extended family) I've not had the time nor energy for much else. That said, the changes I have made are already lifting me in a positive manner. I've stepped down to part time work, taken on a new client for social media marketing and whilst it's been slow, I've picked up a couple of amazing new cameras that I will be writing about soon.

We will now return to the regular scheduled chaos...